memories & the happiest week of our lives | married!

Randy and I were married before we knew anything about the wedding industry. It’s funny to look back at our wedding pictures and go, “You two have no idea that weddings are about to become a HUGE part of your lives!” Randy and I weren’t very concerned about the wedding itself. We just wanted to be married. The event was just a means to an end, really. Looking back, if we could do things a little differently, I’m sure we would, but we certainly wouldn’t make it any grander. We’d make it much, much simpler (and our wedding was already way simple compared to most people’s standards.) Though we really enjoyed our wedding day, we both agree it wasn’t the best “day” of our lives. The wedding, combined with our PERFECT honeymoon, made it the best week of our lives. Our lives have changed so much since that week. We have been blessed beyond our wildest dreams :)

Anyway, after the wedding we threw together a few¬†super cheap paper albums to give out to parents and grandparents. We made one of our wedding and honeymoon for ourselves too, but man I wish we had gotten one of our He & She albums! (A little promo, perhaps?) These cheap-o albums don’t look too bad in pictures, but up close they are embarrassing! One day we’ll order ourselves a proper album like the ones we offer!

Happy Tuesday, all :)

– She

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