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Sometimes, I get caught up in the trivial problems of life. I let the littlest details become my biggest enemies. I dare go out on a limb and say I’m probably not the only one who has this problem. Day in and day out, it’s a struggle to keep your eyes focused on the big picture, while still not taking for granted the smallest simplicities of life. Yesterday, Randy and I visited a new church (The Bridge)¬†recommended by a friend and fellow photographer, Shannon Leith. Of course it took us months to finally check it out, but we really enjoyed it. We especially enjoyed the pastor’s message, which was about living life from a Kingdom perspective. Now, I won’t dive into every detail of his sermon because I realize this is a photography blog and not a pulpit. However, my reason for writing these blog posts every day is not only to share our passion for photography, but also to take advantage of the opportunity to share our thoughts and our hearts. With God at the center of our hearts, I feel the subject can’t easily be avoided. And in this case, I feel like this pastor’s message can really hit home for a lot of people, believers or not.

His message was, in brief summary, don’t let the matters of this world get the better of you. Wherever lies your deepest treasure, also lies your heart and your thoughts. It is so easy to let our clothes, our jobs, and our food, for example, occupy our thoughts and desires. Yes, we need clothing, jobs and food, and there is no fault in buying a shirt or groceries, but sometimes (in my own life) I feel an unbalanced concern for these things. There are so many greater and bigger things in this life and in the next – things that last much longer than the trends of fashion. Yesterday, Randy and I had a wonderful discussion about our life and the desires of our hearts, and actually it’s not the first discussion of this nature we’ve had in the past weeks and months. So much can be gained from pausing, taking a look around, examining your hearts, and talking about it. It’s a chance to discover, or rediscover, the true motives in your life – what drives you to the next day and the next year. For us, we continually strive to have pure hearts and for our only motive to be growing closer to Him.

All that being said, I went on a walk with Blossom this morning and paused. I looked around. I wanted to give greater attention to the smaller things in life that I often overlook. With all of the tragedy in Haiti, for example, it’s hard not to feel a little spoiled with a roof over my head, food in my refrigerator, and the ability to walk my dog on a sunny Monday morning. So, I pulled out my trusty i-phone and really tried to¬†enjoy such a blessing.

(For those of you wondering, yes – that is a fanny pack detectible in my shadow. The ultimate discard for fashion = wearing a fanny pack. I joke, I joke!)

Thank you for those who had the patience for my thoughts in today’s blog! The slow season of wedding photography is officially upon us, so forgive me, but you may have to endure more posts of this nature in the coming days/weeks!

– She

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