a special rehearsal dinner & gulf shrimp | married!

My parents went all out for Justin & Susannah’s rehearsal dinner! They prepared a shrimp and fried crab leg dinner for 50 people… and these weren’t any ordinary shrimp or crabs. They were specially shipped straight from the Gulf Coast! Randy and I tried to document the events leading up to the wedding as best we could, but we were enlisted as members of the prep crew :)

Cooking over 50 lbs of shrimp in 16 different batches was an endurance. My parents were up until 3 am!

If I ever question where I get my goofy nature, Dad never fails to remind me :)

I can’t tell if Blossom was enticed or scared of the shrimp….

Cousin Abby.

Husband Randy… working while I play :)

Cousin Abby, me and cousin Regan. I will never again underestimate the talent of a florist!

My mom and her sister, Nancy, took on the bulk of the food prep. They make a great team! (That’s gumbo, in case you were wondering).

Abby, me, Regan. Guests began to arrive and food prep was falling behind!

The decor was definitely a family group effort.

A slightly concerned look on the groom’s face. Perhaps he was counting chairs?


A plethora of the bride’s favorite flavor of frozen yogurt (Animal Cracker). Yum!

More documentations to come :)

– She

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