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We are beyond ecstatic to finally share our new blogsite (website + blog all in one), our new promo video, and our new branding! It has been a long time coming, and has involved the help of some awesomely talented friends of ours.

We actually shot our promo video first, with the help of Mr. Chris Gill of Chris Gill Productions. We developed a lot of our visual ideas for the website design from the video (hence the business card design). Chris did an awesome job capturing our style as well as how we work with our couples. And of course, a very big thank you goes out to our lovely models Rich & Liz!

Designing a site from scratch is no easy task. We both underestimated the length of the process! After countless revisions and many long days and nights, the end result is totally worth it :) It takes time to narrow down the elements of your brand and to make sure it accurately represents your style. Sometimes, designing for yourself is more challenging than designing for someone else! Ultimately, we wanted a clean design, a user friendly layout, and a little bit of vintage funk to compliment our pictures (which are, of course, the most important visual elements of the our blogsite!). Thankfully, our very patient and capable website designer and builder Matt of Arkitect Design was able to make all of our ideas a reality :)

Our main purpose for taking on this project was to create a site that combined all of the functions of a website and blog. It was tiring having to update both, and our blog always exhibited more of our personality than our standardly designed website. We can’t put enough emphasis on how important it is to be yourself and to let that come through your work! Our previous website and blog were not representative of us, so we started fresh :)

So let us know what you think! An improvement? Take a look around and check out all of the different features we (and our friends) have come up with!

!!!!! He & She !!!!!

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