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If you follow us on Twitter you may have read my excited tweets about our apartment hunting. We are SO excited to be moving next month – I can hardly wait! Our new place is sooooo pretty. I got a little ahead of myself and thought I’d start packing this week. But then I realized we wouldn’t have any dishes or clothes for the next two and a half weeks :) Dana Point has been good to us, but we’re making the grand migration northwards to Irvine. I know a lot of people who criticize Irvine because it’s all brand new with nothing to do but go to the Irvine Spectrum. But we are stoked. We live next to a wide open Strawberry field – how rad is that?! I’ll take windmills over power lines any day. Randy and I are both country folk at heart :) Plus, we just found out our best friends are going to be our neighbors! It seriously doesn’t get any better than this.

My brother, Justin, came to visit us last weekend. It’s always good times with that dude. I took a few pics of him for fun.

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