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First, our good friends, the Christensons are doing something awesome today. They are raising money for The Elisha Foundation (TEF) to help a teenage boy with down syndrome – named Eli – achieve his goal of climbing to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest. Eli is only the second person with this disability to ever attempt this. Crazy awesome, right? This trip is essentially a fundraiser for TEF, which was founded by Elisha’s father, Justin, to support and help families around the world who have disabled children (both with physical and mental disabilities.) When Gary & Courtney told us about TEF, we had to help!

So, here’s the deets…. We’ve donated a family portrait session (a $700 value). If you donate $350, you’ll get an epic family portrait session with us, plus you’ll be giving to a RAD cause – double win! But, you’ve gotta act quick! This puppy is gonna go fast! Go here for all of the details and follow the instructions on the page :)

And second, I can’t believe November has already come and gone! It was an eventful month here in the Hill household! Lots of visitors – just how we like it. Then, as with every year, we had two Thanksgivings, one at our house with Randy’s family, followed by our annual camping/cabin excursion to the mountains in Idyllwild! All was well until the week of Thanksgiving, when Linus got sick with the stomach flu. And the stomach flu never strikes just one unfortunate soul – the morning after Thanksgiving, as we were packing up the car to drive to Idyllwild, Randy got sick too. But fortunately I have a superhuman immune system (eh hem) and I survived unscathed, left to care for my sick boys while in a cabin in the mountains :-/ Vital members of our Thanksgiving camping clan were absent too (my brother and sister-in-law, who are having their twin boys this week!) Soooooo maybe not the BEST Thanksgiving ever, but it sure was memorable!

First up, a visit from my brother, Justin, his wife Susannah, baby June, and pup Eleanor. Next up, a visit from Randy’s cousin Kelsey, her husband Kyle, and their two sons Truett and Silas. And next, a visit from Randy’s Mom and step-dad. And finally, Idyllwild!!!

– She

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