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In keeping with the family theme this week, I wanted to ask for a little help praying for my oma. Yesterday, she was taken to the hospital because of some problems breathing. After running some tests, the doctors realized that one of the valves in Oma’s heart wasn’t working properly. The standard course of action would be open heart surgery, but at 92, that is a very daring procedure. At this point, we’re not sure what the next course of action will be, but she is still in the hospital. We know the Lord is taking good care of her, but prayer for her comfort and recovery would be greatly appreciated :)

I think my brother’s fiance, Susannah, took this picture at my other brother’s wedding. I love Oma’s dress!

Thanks so much, everyone, and I promise I will be posting some awesome pictures soon! I’m in the middle of editing a RAD wedding, plus a family session and two engagements on the way!

– She

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