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Memorial weekend was spent just as it should be: with family :) We were finally able to make the journey down to San Diego to visit my grandparents, and we were accompanied by my brother, Justin, and his new bride, Susannah. We spent the day eating, talking, laughing, and swimming. It was pretty much perfect :)

Randy wisely started video taping when my opa started talking about his father and our family history in Sweden. We also began talking about art. It’s so interesting how passion for music and art can be passed down through the generations. My opa was telling us how artistic his father was. My opa is a a former car designer and lifelong painter and drawer, and my brothers and I are all artists as well. Must run in the blood! The end of the video shows my oma’s reaction upon finding out that Randy had videotaped the entire conversation :)

Already looking forward to our next visit :)

– She

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