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Randy and I had an awesome weekend this weekend. Probably one of our favorite shooting weekends of the year. On Friday we shot Kate & Daniel’s wedding and it was such a fun day! We’ll share more when we post the wedding, but oddly enough their engagement session is featured on Once Wed today! Check it out!

Then to round up the awesome shooting weekend, we did an engagement session last night in the Hollywood Hills with Liz & Rich. Wow… I mean wow! We’ll just have to show you the pictures for you to believe how awesome it was! I can’t wait to share them! Exciting stuff going on this time of year. It’s days and weekends like these that make us so appreciative of our “job”. It really is a dream come true! Our wedding season doesn’t show any signs of slowing down until into next year, so for now we’re just holding on and enjoying the ride! Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


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