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As Randy and I (and Blossom) gear up for our much anticipated (and might I add LIFE SAVING) vacation, I remember the ones we’ve taken over the years. To San Francisco (twice), Santa Barbara wine country (twice), Hawaii, New York, and the other weekend trips here and there… these are adventures we’ll never forget! But it does sadden me that we aren’t able to make more memories like these more often. With our current commitments and fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants pace of life, vacations just don’t happen enough. But I (we) really do try to savor each day (good or bad) and be thankful for everything God has given us :)

One day, in the far distant future, Randy and I do plan to make vacations a more regular part of our lives. We all have a tendency to get so wrapped up in our lives and day-to-day tasks that we forget: most of our problems really aren’t problems at all – at least not in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes, all you need is a little breather – a chance to slow down, take a step back, and gain some perspective. Life is too short to race through it. And I’m not suggesting we should all be on vacation all the time! Hard work is important. As I’ve said in many of our blogs, Randy and I love what we do! But I don’t love what I do as much as I love my husband :) Taking time away with your partner in life is just plain smart and healthy, in my opinion!

So, all that to say: here are some pictures from some of our past adventures, whether on vacation or on our balcony. We printed these up to put in frames that hang above our desks (as you’ll see in the low-res pic at the bottom).

I love this recent family photo :) That's Blossom's happily content face... I know it's hard to tell!

I love this recent family photo :) That’s Blossom’s happily content face… I know it’s hard to tell!

Happy Monday that feels like a Wednesday (to me, at least). The last full work week before Christmas!

– He&She

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