peppermint sherbet & behind the scenes #5 | married!

There is only one thing I know how to cook (for which I still must follow the recipe): peppermint sherbet. It’s a secret family recipe passed down from my grandmom (and before that I’m not sure where it originated). But rest assured, it is the most delicous treat to ever touch your lips. (Randy even loves it, and he hardly likes anything!) My cousin Regan and I (though she deserves far more credit than I) made more than one batch on our visit to Mobile, AL. And ever since Randy and I returned home, I’ve been craving peppermint sherbet! The problem is we only make it at Christmas time. So making it now would be a sin, I’m pretty sure. It will only make me sad that Christmas is over :( So perhaps the answer to my predicament is I need to learn how to cook more things so I don’t dream all day about whipping up a tub of this frozen delight!

Oh yeah, and here are some recent behind the scenes of us in our element. (And if you look closely, you may notice a wedding that hasn’t even been blogged yet!)

I’m like the little kid in the middle of Mom and Dad :)

We want to give a big THANK YOU for all your responses to yesterday’s post about my oma! Your prayers certainly made a big difference, as Oma is doing much better and is scheduled to go home from the hospital today! God is good :)

Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

– She

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