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I’m back! Sorry for my blog absence! Randy and I decided to take some much needed R&R time over the weekend. We tackled lots of fun activities, which I’ll be sure to share in the next few posts :)

So here’s what we did Saturday: SUPERCROSS! As you might know, Randy used to race motocross, so it’s fun to go to the supercross races every year at the Angel’s Stadium. It’s a very different experience than watching from home, that’s for sure! This year we brought my parents along and it was great fun! We were so proud of our Lights winner Trey Canard, but our Open class favorite Ryan Dungey had a slightly disappointing 4th place finish.

When my parents arrived at our doorstep, we surprised them with a little “supercross enthusiasm” (ie, we put on our helmets and screamed like mad people!) I love their reactions!

Just imagine a man with the deepest, most bear-like growl of a voice announcing, “Welcome to Monster Energy AMA Supercross!!!” as the fireworks blast off.

And these last pictures have nothing to do with supercross, I just thought I’d share what Blossom’s face looks like when she barrels into Randy’s legs :)

Any other Supercross fans out there? Believe me, I had know idea this sport existed before meeting Randy, but it’s really intense!

– She

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