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We recently went on an adventure of the most EPIC sorts with our good pals Gary and Courtney. <— Make sure to check out their pictures of our #gnarhipsterventure here!

Here’s how it all went down: Gary was turning 30 (sorry to call you out like that, Dude, but it’s true, and you did) and Courtney thought, “Ah-ha! I’ll take Gary and our beloved offspring on a road trip back to the land of his kin, Oregon.” (And you can quote me on that quote.) So on their drive up from San Diego, we told our dear friends, “You take us, or we will not like you quite as much.” To that threatening remark, they shrugged and we were on our way.

I would sit here and list out the places we stopped, slept, cried, ate and hiked, but to be honest, it is all one giant blur! I feel so privileged to have taken such a beautiful trip and to have shared it with equally beautiful people. And can I just say that the kids were such troopers! Hours upon hours upon hours… upon hours… in a jam-packed rental van with so much bottled up energy can be a real test for little ones, but they passed (and surpassed) the test!

We not only survived, we thrived and bonded. And it is only through such thriving and bonding that you truly get to know people, at their best and worst. And I can say, now, for certain, that at her best and worst, yes, Courtney Christenson is truly that pretty. It’s weird.


– She

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