sam & connie: married! | married!

Sam & Connie definitely brought the heat on their wedding day. No, really. It was stinkin’ hot! I think my thought process throughout the day was something like, “Hey, this would be a cool shot – I’m melting. Oh, how about that over there? – I’m dying of thirst.” Then repeat. But thankfully Randy and I did all of our photography training in a sauna. So we were good to go :) And apparently, Sam & Connie practice their modeling in a sauna too, because they were pumped and ready to rock it!

Good times! Thanks for having us join the party, Sam & Connie!

Shout out to:
Venue: Ambassador Missions and Gardens
Hair & Make-up: Kelly Zhang
Flowers: M’s Flowers
Food & Coordinating: Event Professionals

– She

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