scott & summer | married!

Randy and I had the opportunity to shoot a “mini-wedding” this past week. It was almost like a really fancy engagement session :) It was a unique situation because Scott and Summer live currently live in Illinois (where they met during school). Summer grew up in the San Diego area, and they decided to come back here to get married. So anyway, we didn’t get a chance to meet them before the wedding – but we were so pleased to find that they were not only a very cute couple, but also insanely sweet! We really loved their simple and intimate approach to their wedding – they brought only their immediate family, picked a spot on the beach, and said their vows. It was pretty awesome. I loved Summer’s dress too! Made me quite jealous, to be honest :)

That beach (Torrey Pines) means a great deal to Scott and Summer. They used to hike there all the time, and Scott even proposed to Summer there. For their reception, they took their family to restaurant where Scott and Summer had their first date. Isn’t that awesome? We sure thought so :)

Funny story: this being summer time, the beach was a little crowded with swimmers, joggers and the like. We found a great little open spot for the ceremony – it was perfect. After the ceremony, Scott and Summer wrote “Thank You” in the sand and wanted a picture of it. So I was in the midst of framing the shot, when all of the sudden this jogger runs straight through the middle of our shoot! He steps right on “Thank”. I was only three or four feet in front of Scott and Summer – it’s not like I was way down the beach. That dude must have been in the zone! It was pretty hilarious :)

Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding, Scott and Summer. We really had a wonderful time photographing you and getting to know you!

This is why we insist two photographers are better than one: here's my view point...

...and here's Randy's

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