silk screen poster | married!

We’ve been waiting to share one of our favorite silk screen posters with you all for quite some time! You see, our inter-web friend Renee, of the awesome design studio Ribbons of Red, ordered a surprise one year anniversary poster for her husband, Ryan. So, being that it was a surprise, we weren’t able to share the poster design with you until the coast was clear! So, finally, here it is! It’s one of our favorites to date :)

A little back story, Ryan & Renee were married at the Flamingo in Las Vegas last year. Hence the pink… and the flamingos :)

So, in case you’ve forgotten, yes! We do silk screen posters! It’s something a little artsy and unique we like to offer our clients, based on imagery from our engagements or weddings. We design and print them ourselves – our blood, sweat and tears printed into each poster. Ok no not really, that’s gross. But we do indeed do everything ourselves. Shoot us an email if you’re a past/current client interested in one of our unique posters, or if you’re a could-be client wanting a rad shoot, rad pictures, and rad poster!

– She

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