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So Randy and I are really big into working with our hands. We love drawing, painting, building, working on our motorcycles – the list goes on and on. It (finally) dawned on us that we could use our passion and artistic skill to offer our clients something that they can cherish in addition to the beautiful photographs we give them.

So we decided to call upon our love for silk-screening! We’ve both had professional training in silk-screening, as well as other forms of printing (I was really into mono-printing for a time). He&She is now offering fully custom designed (from scratch) artworks that will be hand printed/drawn/painted by us :) These are totally unique works that you can frame and hang right next to your engagement or wedding portrait in your home.

Our clients can commission a print(s) at any time they’d like – after their family session, engagement, wedding, or anniversary (or as a surprise anniversary present down the road…. hint hint, fellas!) These are artworks that cannot be duplicated or remade – they are a one of a kind works of art. They offer a creative look for your invitations, guest book, or as an piece to welcome guests to your wedding.

We are totally excited about this – I mean REALLY eager to provide our clients with something as cool and fun as this :) So here is one of our tests:

Whatchya think?

Here’s (conceptually) where we drew our ideas from:

Recognize that dress pattern?

If you have any questions regarding these Art Posters or details on how to order your own, drop us a line!

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