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I love Disneyland (who doesn’t?) I’ve been wishing to go for the last few months, and Randy had the bright idea of going for Valentines Day! I must say, we were quite productive! We left before the sun had even set! We were smart with our Fast Passes and hit all our favorite rides and then some :)

Disneyland claims to be the happiest place on earth, and I’d say they aren’t too far off. The employees are paid to be extra nice, and the people who flock to Disneyland know exactly what to expect: long lines. People are 10 times more patient at Disneyland than in the real world. It’s amazing. Food lines can be nearly as long as the ride lines, and no one ever complains. I wish people would act as if they were at Disneyland every day! Oh, and have any Disneyland-goers noticed that their food prices have dropped? I don’t know if it was because we were at Angel’s Stadium the night before, but I was shocked at how reasonable the food prices were. Weird.

We obviously had a blast at Disneyland, but it was even more wonderful to get to have a day off and spend it with the love of my life :) Ultimately, we didn’t need Disneyland to have a memorable Valentine’s Day. We just needed a little sunshine and some quality time :)

“We’re at DISNEYLAND!”

Tired feet.

Happy hump day!

– She

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