thanksgiving & whose is whose? | married!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! It’s pretty much my favorite holiday of the year. Upon moving to California over a decade ago, my family has held one tradition very firmly: we camp on Thanksgiving. Every year, we all go up to Idyllwild and camp in the same spot. It’s something we dream about all year long. Like one of my brothers said to me yesterday, “It’s the best day of the year!” With each year, new members join our clan. Last year we had nine – my Granddad came all the way out from Mobile, Alabama! Camping does prevent us from preparing many of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, most notably Turkey. But my mom makes her famous Texan brisket, which TOTALLY makes up for it! And my parents are vegetarians, so my sweet mother slaves to prepare a bunch of meat just for the kids! Thursday is actually spent with Randy’s family… which is when I get me some turkey!

Needless to say, I’m really excited about the festivities taking place this week. So today I decided to play a game! (Ok, well actually this was Randy’s idea.) Randy and I are really the same person. We are so similar it’s freaky. We often say the exact same thing at the same time, or have the exact same idea for a shot. Great minds think alike, we say :) So… can you tell which image is Randy’s, and which is mine? Leave your vote in a comment, but you have to explain why you voted the way you did! (This lovely couple is of course Kate & Daniel).

The winner will have an extra happy Thanksgiving! :) Leave us some comment love! It would make this week even better!

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