the brownie & the polaroid: two peas in a pod | personal

So last weekend Randy and I stopped into a local antique store, a place that has proven very fruitful to us in past visits. It’s quite a large shop, and I tend to get visually fatigued half way through. You never know what kind of vintage gem of an object will be shoved into a corner, so you’ve got to stay on your toes! I spied a black box hiding between two books. I slid it out to discover it was a Brownie! The Brownie was the first mass produced camera that the public could afford. It was introduced in 1900 by Kodak, and was the original snapshot camera. This particular Brownie, The Target Six-20, was released in 1946 and discontinued in 1952. It uses 620 box rollfilm and was originally sold for $3.50… and we got it for $10! We were pretty excited :)

Randy has been wanting a vintage Polaroid camera for quite some time. We’ve been using a new-ish model of the Polaroid, which is all plastic and not quite up to par on coolness. So Randy stumbled upon this awesome SX-70 Alpha 1 Land Camera and the next thing you know, we’ve started a vintage camera collection! This particular Polaroid camera was first introduced in 1972. This thing is sick! Brushed metal casing with leather panels? How awesome is that? And it folds up! Here are some pictures of our new toys :)

Happy fun Friday everyone!

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