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RAJAFRAJAH! That is the only (made-up) word to describe my excitement about our journey across the country! I can’t wait to take some awesome pictures, spend fun time with my husband and my little girl (yes, the fuzzy one), and see all our family down south! I keep trying to explain to Randy that there is nothing like Christmas in Mobile. Though it certainly won’t be the same without Grandmom (who passed away last year) she’ll be there with all of us in spirit :) This is definitely going to be a Christmas to remember. Oh man… this is going to be fun!

We’re going to try and keep up with blog posts the best we can, but my Granddad doesn’t have internet at his house, so we’ll see how that goes… Otherwise, we’ll have tons of videos and photos to share upon our return! 30 hour drive straight through – here we come! My bet is it’ll take us 37 hours (figuring in potty breaks and stops for pictures). We’ll keep you posted on our journey via Twitter! (Not a Twitter friend? Add us!)

In case we don’t type to you, we hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! We’ll be listening to the Bible on tape on our journey, which will help keep the true meaning of Christmas in the forefront of our minds :)

– He&She

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