the human family tree & where we come from | personal

I find history so interesting, especially the history of people’s heritage. I’ve always been really into genealogy, the family tree and knowing where we all come from. I think this also contributes to why I enjoy portraiture so much. I love looking at people’s faces, noticing people’s unique features. (I especially love seeing the traits – both the physical and personality traits – that people get from their parents. So interesting!)

Randy and I stumbled upon this program called The Human Family Tree on National Geographic. Maybe you’ve heard of it or even seen it, but basically it is a study that takes DNA samples from people all across the country and traces each individual back to where their ancestors originated from. We’re talking waaaaaaaaaay back, like pre-Ice Age ancient stuff, not just, “oh you’re 25% French, 70% Swedish and a dabble of German”. It was so interesting to see just how similar we all are and how much our DNA can tell us about ourselves and our past. I know science isn’t 100% accurate all the time, but this program was really interesting! And the best part about it is you can test yourself too! Just go here and see for yourself! I have yet to do it, but I can’t wait!

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