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Randy and I have been talking lately about the importance of living a balanced life. We both have a tendency to work, work, work. We really enjoy what we do, and we’re passionate about it, so sometimes we forget to shut that part of our life down! It’s easy to let work take priority because it makes you feel accomplished – at least it’s easier for me to justify working late into the night than veging on the couch. Making lots of money and working a lot may get you praise from your fellow man, but it certainly won’t get you into heaven (and neither with veging on the couch, obviously). I suppose my point is that balance is healthy! A little reminder to myself :)

Living with Blossom certainly helps us keep that healthy balance! We also took her to a local park this morning, and boy, the sheer joy on that dog’s face makes me so happy! Blossom brings so much joy to our lives :) Oh, and we brush her teeth every morning (no, not because we’re weird – it’s doctor’s orders!). It’s a hilarious experience, so we decided to document it :)

Jumping is a big hobby of Blossom’s :)

Hope everyone else is enjoying their Wednesday as well!

– She

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