the most awkward picture & behind the scenes #6 | engaged! married!

It is my new personal goal to get the most awkward pictures of us while on the job. The pictures in our behind the scenes posts thus far just aren’t cutting it for me. They’ve been mostly of us testing out a location or testing our lighting, but I want to set the bar higher! I’m striving for the MOST awkward picture of us taking pictures! I kick myself thinking about all of the missed opportunities… but alas, this year holds many engagements and weddings, and where there are engagements and weddings, there are bound to be awkward pictures! So in the mean time, here are a few shots from our 2010 shoots thus far :)

(Keep an eye out for sessions we haven’t even blogged yet!)

Me ignoring Randy’s question by taking his picture instead :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of Randy. I like that he’s looking at me instead of the lens :) It’s already set as my phone background picture!

As I forewarned yesterday, there will be more seemingly random posts to come. If any of our readers have any questions they’d like answered or special post requests, let us know! Leave a comment or email us :)

– She

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