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In keeping with yesterday’s theme of what could be tagged as “advice”, I thought I’d share a bit about our outlook on this industry – the wedding industry, that is. It’s such an interesting one to be in – very creative, collaborative, and… competitive. With such a flooded market, it can be challenging to stand out.

Unfortunately, sometimes success can be determined by your friends in high places rather than the quality of your work. This is particularly tragic in the photography industry for many reasons, mainly because it supports the idea that mediocre photography becomes the high standard. (I should note that not all well-known photographers are automatically terrible – not at all. There are some really awesome well-known photographers out there!)

I don’t want to come off as bitter that I’m not best friends with the biggest people in the industry :) Personally, I believe connections develop naturally. It’s important to embrace an opportunity when it presents itself, as long as it’s for the right reasons. Most importantly, though, it’s vital not to compare yourself too closely to your peers. For example, Randy and I use Twitter. Though Twitter provides a unique way of keeping in touch with people, I don’t care to use it much. Since most of our Twitter friends are in the wedding industry, Twitter creates the perfect trap of “the grass is always greener….” It’s sometimes challenging not to compare yourself to other photographers and feel like you have to keep up with their work flow.

There’s a fine line between being well-studied and aware of the realities of the industry, and trying to become what you see. Compare yourself too much, and you’ll lose yourself. We all inherently have something unique to offer as long as we don’t let the pressure of other people’s success get in our way. Every person has their own path to success, not to mention their own definition of success. In the end, we’ll feel so much more accomplished for doing what we love the way we want to do it. Personally, I have no desire for our company to become famous, but if we happen to gain mass popularity naturally, so be it! I just want to always enjoy what Randy and I do, continue to be ourselves, work with clients that appreciate our work and dedication, and make enough money to support our future family. Done and done.

I’m so happy and blessed to be a part of this industry. But, as with anything in life, there are cracks and we just need to insure we don’t fall into them.

Care to read a beneficial (but lengthy) article about the wedding industry and tips on how to thrive in it? Check this out. (Thanks for the link, Dad!)

A couple of pictures of each other from a recent shoot.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Next week I’ll share images from the bridal shower we’re hosting for my brother and his fiance :) Plus a new engagement shoot!

– She

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