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Thomas & Kaley have an unusual (and awesome) story, and their wedding day is evidence of that. They met in Paris. Thomas is French, and Kaley was abroad studying wine making (her passion). Their first date was a Band of Horses concert in Paris. Ummm… can you spell EPIC?! And the rest, well, is history….

When flipping through the images from their wedding, I felt like I was on a journey. It was more than their story, it was an adventure. And, additionally, I found something extraordinarily captivating about Kaley (alert: Thomas, I’m hitting on your bride! – Don’t worry, it’s Erin typing :)) So anyway, I’m blogging a little differently today – I’m sharing more images than I normally do because I felt that there were so many key moments to this journey. Without each piece, it wouldn’t feel quite the same. So many poignant pauses, excited glances, giddy squeezes and long gazes. (And I’m not just being biased just because Kaley is representing our home of Paso Robles :)) Hope you enjoy their San Francisco adventure.

– She

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