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For the past seven months or so, I’ve been wanting to write a song for our son. Having not picked up my guitar for over a year, I wasn’t sure where to start. I knew I wanted it to be a lullaby of sorts, so that I could (in theory) sing it to him while rocking him to sleep. Then I became paranoid about it sounding super gushy and corny. Obviously, having your first child is HUGE, along with emotional, sentimental, and all of those “gushy” things. But I knew if I rushed the writing process, the result would no doubt error on the side of gushy-mushy. So, I waited… and waited… until the melody hit me. Then, some time later, while doing something completely unrelated, the words hit me and I scribbled them out in a furry. Throw it all together, and here is the result! Randy got me a ukulele a couple of birthdays ago, and I have never gotten much of a chance to use it. I figured a lullaby would be a good debut :)

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t call myself either a musician or a singer, but… music is a very big passion of mine, and there are few things I love more than to write and play music. I cranked out this recording in an afternoon without much concern for recording perfection. But anyway, my sincerest hope is that Linus won’t scream when he hears it :)

Linus’ Song

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– She


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