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Ahhhh Portland… I can’t say enough about that city! We totally fell in love :) We had the privilege of staying with our really good friend (sir Eric) and got an insider’s perspective of the city. We would have loved the city anyway, but having someone show you they lay of the land really makes a difference! We went to so many cool cafes and restaurants… my mouth is watering just thinking about them!┬áRandy and I were seriously in organic and fixed gear bike heaven in Portland. Practically EVERY restaurant is organic and/or sustainable, with food coming from local sources. It was so rad! If only SoCal would catch onto that movement, as well as the bicycle friendly movement! It was so awesome seeing everyone riding their bikes everywhere – that’s always been something Randy and I wished we could do. The advantage Portland has over SoCal is the relative close proximity of all the happening places. But I’m sure we will still find plenty of uses for our new bikes :)

We were so tempted to move…. I wish we could mesh Portland lifestyle with our current SoCal location! Ah well, we’ll just have to pay homage to Portland by getting some fixies and eating organic :)

If you know Eric, you know this gesture :)

The dual personality of Portland.

Eric’s place. I wish I could transport it to the OC!

Scott and Brighid’s place :)

I post this picture for one reason, and one reason only: I have never seen Eric or I make these faces. Yikes.

Happy Friday everyone! More of our travel pictures to come next week :)

– She

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