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During our visit to Seattle, we drove out to Yakima to visit my great uncle Kermit. He lives on the apple farm that my great grandparents began. Care for a little family history? Swell! Well, my great grandfather, Fingal Gothberg, came over from Sweden and mined for gold in Alaska. He then headed down to Washington and bought up a bunch of land in Yakima (a predominantly Scandinavian area at the time). He started an apple farm, and over the years sold off his acres to fellow farmers. My oma and her two sisters were born in the house that Fingal and my great grandmother, Emma, built (pictured below). My uncle Kermit eventually took over the farm and has lived there his whole life. How many people can say they lived in one home their entire lives?! So cool :)

My oma and opa were married in the living room 65 years ago. It’s so cool to visit a place that holds so much family history!

Uncle Kermit showing us around the place :)

This fellow is seriously one of the sweetest, most genuine, happy people you’ll ever meet! Reminds me a lot of his sister (my oma) :)

And he’s funny, too!

More family fun will be hitting the blog tomorrow, plus we’re working on two brand new spakin’ weddings to share with you lovely readers!!!

– She

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