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Phew! What a whirlwind this week has been! I apologize for our blogging hiatus, but you’ll soon see why in posts to come!

Here are some more images from our time spent with my extended family in Seattle :)


iPad commercial.

My Oma’s older sister, Irma.

Irma is hilarious! She and Randy hit it off :)

My other great aunt, Bea. Such a sweet heart :)

My FAVORTIE picture.

I love old family photos. Irma had quite the collection at her home….

Meet my great, great grandparents from Sweden.

And their son, my great grandfather, Fingal. Plus he and my great grandmother’s wedding invitation.

On the left, my other great, great grandparents from Sweden. On the right, three generations: my great, great grandmother (Emma), my great grandmother (Elizabeth), and my great aunt (Irma).

Fun tid-bit: these are my great, great uncles (my great grandfather’s brothers). Two sets of identical twins – how crazy is that?!

The iPad comes in handy yet again! It was the cutest thing. After flipping through pictures, watching videos and scrolling through our blogsite, my aunt Irma asked inquisitively, “So… these are negatives?” Without hesitation, Ross (my second cousin) answered, “Yes.”

Sorry to bore you with family history, but I find these things so interesting! To hear family stories from those who have experienced so much, and to see photographs of your ancestors’ faces… it just boggles my mind. It makes me grateful, yet again, to be a photographer. Capturing people’s history and preserving memories is such an importantly awesome thing to do.

– She

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