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So yesterday was a VERY exciting day for us! We had our second trimester ultrasound :) We were amazed to see how much our baby has grown! At five months, Little Hill is measuring in at nearly 7 inches long and 12 ounces. There’s something crazy awesome about SEEING your baby. Feeling all of the movements lately has been super fun too – it makes everything so real.

The doctor did all sorts of visual examinations and measurements, and we are so thankful that Little Hill is healthy and (we hope) happy :) Definitely the most surprising news we received was that we’re having… a… boy! Yep, a boy! Some of you may know that we had been told early on it was a girl, but we knew there was a very real chance the ultrasound lied. (12 weeks seemed awfully early to know the gender!) But this time it’s certain (we have pictures to prove it, but we’ll spare our son the embarrassment.)

So please meet our son, Linus Wesley Hill.

And Linus, we’re so sorry for calling you a girl this whole time! I hope you won’t hold it against us :)

He looks so peaceful, right? I swear he looks like Randy!

Girl or boy, we’re simply stoked our baby is healthy and we can’t wait to meet him!

– She

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