“we’re on our way home…” | personal

It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve blogged! This has been a long four days… a very eventful four days, for which I am grateful of the outcome (thus far). We are currently sitting in the Nashville airport. I’m typing with fingers crossed, so that we may board our airplane and make it home without a hitch!

Once we finally landed in Nashville, we had an awesome time! (I’ll get into the full story of our journey later.) Our wedding was radtastical, and so was the couple (woot woot Megan and Todd!) Here are a couple of shutter snaps from our exploration of the city yesterday. Thunderstorms have been looming in the forecast for the duration of our trip, but amazingly, every time we ventured outside, it cleared up! What a crazy adventure :)

More to come this week! I’ll be typing when we get home :)

– She

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