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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, we heard some great stories while visiting my family down in Mobile, Alabama. My great grandparents (my granddad’s parents) built their home in Moss Point, Mississippi, a small town near Pascagoula on the gulf. My grandparents grew up in Moss Point, Mississippi, as did my mom and her sister. The amount of family history in that town is rediculous. As we drove through town, my granddad, mom and aunt shared memories with us of nearly every street corner in town. I’ll explain in the pictures below…

We visited a giant garden called Bellingrath, owned by the family of the same name. Every Christmas they light up the entire garden with Christmas lights. This place is ridiculously huge – I’m talking Disneyland huge! As we drove up, my granddad said with a smile on his face, “All of this could have been ours.” Apparently, his father (my great grandfather) was approached by a family friend who asked if he wanted to make an investment. The man needed $5,000 to put towards the distribution of a soda called Coca Cola. Unfortuntately, it was $5,000 my great grandfather didn’t have… but the Bellingraths did!

My granddad asked me to take this picture of my mom and my aunt. He has one of he and my grandmom in the same spot on the day of their wedding. (Taken with our point and shoot).

My great grandparent’s home that they built. It sits next door to…

… the house where my mom grew up, built by my grandmom and granddad.

The cemetery of Moss Point, where so many of my relatives are buried. This is the headstone of my great grandparents. I find genealogy so interesting! Finding out your family’s history and the people you never met that contributed to your existence… so interesting!

The restaurant in Pascagoula where my dad proposed to my mom… which is just down the street from where my granddad proposed to my grandmom :)

Abby waiting in the hotel where my parents were married. Afterwards, we had lunch at the hamburger stand where my mom and aunt Nancy ate nearly every day after school. The restaurant and food are still exactly the same! I’m telling you, there was a lot of family history to absorb in one day! (Here’s a side story that I hope my mom doesn’t mind me sharing. My mom was home coming queen and valedictorian – in short, she was hot stuff! In fact, she dated Archie Manning… the former football star and father of Ely and Peyton Manning. She also dated Elvis’ cousin. Though I should mention these were only first dates, as I don’t think she clicked with either of them!)

The girl grandkids keeping it real! Regan (right) often gets confused for being my Mom’s daughter – they share quite a resemblance. As they say to me at my granddad’s church, “Oh… you must be Craig’s daughter.”

My first flounder experience. (Taken with our point and shoot).

Well I doubt most of you cared much about my family history! But, as I say, this blog has a tendency to become a sort of journal for me. Still more to come!

– She

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