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We’re back from our Vegas adventure! First, thank you to our clients for your patience while we’ve been out of the office these last few days. We are attacking the phone calls and emails today!

We weren’t sure what to expect as we drove towards the bright lights of Vegas. It was our first year attending this photography convention known as WPPI, and it certainly won’t be our last! It was so wonderful meeting fellow photographers in the industry and putting faces to the names. We attended classes and scoured the trade-show floor until our exhausted bodies could handle no more. Talk about a jam-packed adventure!

Though we didn’t have any heart-stopping revelations, we did come back from WPPI with a new sense of enthusiasm about this passion turned career of ours. We are so blessed to be part of such an encouraging industry! We made so many new friends who identify with the joys and struggles of being photographers in the portrait/wedding industry. We had such a great time, and yet we were so eager to get back home and tackle the big projects that we’re so excited about! Our heads are spinning with the amount goals we are setting for ourselves. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in the near future, but we’re on the right track and we’re stoked about he journey :)

As usual, we didn’t take many pictures since we were so distracted by all of the events, but here are a few:

On our way to the top secret location of the Airhorns & Lasers shin-dig. Micah Dahlberg and Ja Tecson are those two crazy dudes in the back :)

It was beyond crazy fun dancing and mingling with the biggest names in the photography industry! The Flash Dance tore it up!

Taking a break on the trade-show floor. If we look exhausted it’s because we are!

The ONLY picture I got with some of the super awesome fellow photographers we met up with! (Orange Turtle and Jackie Wonders).

Back to playing catch up!!!

– She

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