wppi & whose is whose? | engaged!

There has been so much hipe for WPPI this year. It’s pretty exciting, especially because it’s our first year attending. We pretty much have no idea what to expect! For those of who don’t know, WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) is a giant photography convention out in Las Vegas. EVERYONE goes, as it’s a great way to socialize with other photographers and check out vendors. I think it’s a way bigger deal than I’m even imagining! I was just going to throw some jeans and t-shirts in our suitcases and head out, but these last few days I’ve been seeing tweet after tweet about the dilemmas of what to wear and bring…. So something tells me I’ve got some outfit planning to do! For you fellow photographers who will be attending, we’ll be arriving Sunday and leaving Tuesday. No firm plans yet, except for Airhorns and Lasers :)

And now for another episode of whose is whose! The aim of the game: try to figure out who took which picture. These of course are from Matt & Nicole’s engagement session.

They are very different pictures, and there’s no real reason behind who took which picture (as both ideas were a collaborative effort). We’re simply curious to hear your guesses and why! The winners get a virtual high five :) (Sorry Matt & Nicole, but you don’t get to participate!)

– She

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